pirvacy policy

The Gambling (‘we’) collects personal information from both registered and anonymous visitors to our website.

User logins, names, postal addresses, email addresses, IP addresses, other contact information, bank & payment details, and internal support chat threads are some of the most frequent forms of information we gather. Personal data will also be collected from the CVs of candidates and cover letters, notes taken during employment interviews and photos of employees.

The following is the collection of personal information:

We gather personal information from you directly when you supply us with it, such as when we need to identify you as the owner of a website that you wish to apply for on a platform that cannot take place automatically as a registered Affiliate user.

As an anonymous internet user, whether you click an advertiser’s banner on our platform or a textual tracking link hosting our site, we gather your IP device.

If you complete in the registration formula, authenticate and input your bank credentials, send messages with the internal chat feature to an affiliate manager, or send us an e-mail or Skype message, we will gather your personal information.

What do we do with your personal information?

We only use your personal data if we or third parties need it in order to fulfill legitimate business goals.

These are several interests of mine:

The platform is now in operation.

The services specified in the terms and conditions shall be delivered to you.

Check your identification if you initially subscribe to our platform, as seen in the following two instances:

In order to guarantee that a registered Affiliate user is the rightful owner of the website to publish advertising material from our platform.

Affiliate commission payments must be processed.

Answer your requests using an internal message or other external forms of engagement.

Providing you with operational information and information about our services, particularly email newsletters, to keep you up to speed with changes to our services, maintenance of platforms and new marketing materials (new campaigns available in your account etc.).

Analysis of our services to see how we might enhance our offerings

Monitoring the activity of the platform for fraudulent activities and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions.

Take care of your application for employment.

We will also use your personal information to tailor our services if you grant us permission. For instance, we use your preferred language to create a customized experience. This method uses cookies and similar technologies.

Last but not least, we use your personal information for legal purposes, for example preserving accounting and tax payment receipts and responding to an enquiry by the government, the judiciary or law enforcement agencies.

When we supply third parties with your personal information

You will have access to your personal information for the following people:

We comply when casino operators seek the URLs of our affiliates to provide them with access to their platform marketing.

Our professional consultants (lawyers, accountants and so on) are located alternately in France and Malta.

Regulators and government agencies in terms of our compliance policies and obligations.

Other beneficiaries to whom we are permitted or legally obliged (for the purposes of criminal investigation or alleged or suspected illegal activity or to or defend our rights etc.)

Where are we going to send and/or store your personal data?

Since we are located in Malta and we are hosting our platform in France, your data will be processed in both countries. In nations other than these, we also cooperate with sub-contractors, such as Spain, Bulgaria and the United States. We may do that since you have agreed to our policy. To secure your information, we collaborate with subcontractors and suppliers which, in our opinion, adhere to a sufficient degree of compliance with data security.

How do we safeguard your personal data?

Personal information is stored by us and our service partners on secure servers.

How can you access your personal data?

You may access some of the personal information we gather about you by logging in to your account. You also have the right to seek access to any additional personal information we possess on file and to correct any mistakes in that information. You are always free to terminate your account with us.

Options to check how your personal information is used for marketing purposes

When we have your consent, we send you marketing messages through email regarding new offers (new offers on our platform) or changes to current offers which we consider may be of interest to you (usually if you have subscribed to our newsletters). By clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the message or going to the settings of your user account you may unsubscribe from our newsletters.


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